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try_files 指令的官方介绍比较让人摸不着头脑,经网上一番总结查看,try_files最核心的功能是可以替代rewrite。


语法: try_files file ... uri 或 try_files file ... = code

默认值: 无

作用域: server location

Checks for the existence of files in order, and returns the first file that is found. A trailing slash indicates a directory - $uri /. In the event that no file is found, an internal redirect to the last parameter is invoked. Do note that only the last parameter causes an internal redirect,

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former ones just sets the internal URI pointer. The last parameter is the fallback URI and *must* exist, or else an internal error will be raised. Named locations can be used. Unlike with rewrite, $args are not automatically preserved if the fallback is not a named location. If you need args preserved, you must do so explicitly:

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